In colonial conquest, language did to the mind what the sword did to the bodies of the colonized…Use English but don’t let English use you.
  — Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o


Decolonize That! is a collaborative space for reflection and intervention with regards to all things decolonization. We remain committed to a critique of imperialism through a focus on gender, sexuality, capitalism, race, ableism and nation. We stand with the liberation of Palestine, freedom for Kashmir, the movement for Black lives, Indigenous movements, the abolition of prisons, police, caste, race, patriarchy and nation-states, de-gentrification and struggles of workers worldwide.

We are currently hard at work on two projects.

Decolonize That! Handbooks for the Revolutionary Overthrow of Embedded Colonial Ideas is a short books series published by OR Books and Warscapes magazine. The books will engage the urgent and politically charged push towards “decolonization” underway worldwide today through incisive and focused analyses of the coloniality that has seeped into many aspects of our lives. Our first volume Decolonize Hipsters by Grégory Pierrot is now available. Get your copy here!

Radical Books Collective takes its cue from Toni Morrison’s provocation: “Canon building is empire building.” RBC is a collaborative initiative that responds to the need for an alternative, inclusive and non-commercial approach to books and reading. It will bring together a community of readers from around the world to discuss books that are unapologetically political and deeply engaged in narrating and envisioning radical transformative futures. Friendly online book clubs will feature a recently published radical book followed by a public conversation with the author/s.

We consider this website to be a working space and will continue to consolidate readings, visual material, music, and new writings on decolonization. Help us by suggesting books or essays or music or by sending us a blog or a podcast. Keep us posted about protests, events and seminars. We are a work in progress and look forward to amplifying your projects, ideas, events and activism.


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  • Dolly Kikon: “How does it feel to be a problem?”

  • On Green, Red and International Abolition Geography

  • Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o: Europe must decolonize itself

  • Toronto Abolition Convergence: A World Without Jails

  • Andrew Ryder: Jean Genet’s Marxist Writings on Palestine

  • yvonne owuor

    Yvonne Owuor: A Dirge for Europe

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Radical Books Collective

Canon building is empire building.

-Toni Morrison

Radical Books Collective responds to the need for an alternative, inclusive and non-commercial approach to books and reading. A community of readers from around the world will discuss books that are unapologetically political and that envision transformative futures. Corporatized, profit-oriented publishing structures makes it harder to find books and writers that don't fit the mainstream awards, praise, and review criteria. RBC will curate an alternative canon through a collective that includes publishers, bookstores, authors, booklovers and bookworms everywhere. Let's change how books are read, circulated, reviewed and talked about.
Book clubs meet online to discuss a recently published radical book and chat with the writer.
What is a radical book? Radical books stimulate our imaginations to advance transformative futures. Radical books expose structures of oppression and chart creative paths forward. Such books alter our understanding of historical events, amplify the voices of marginalized groups, and account for the costs of persecution and repression.
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Founders: Bhakti Shringarpure & Suchitra Vijayan
Creative Director: Bhakti Shringarpure
Managing Director: Meg Arenberg
Logistics, Adminstration & Outreach: Warscapes Magazine and The Polis Project
Board of Directors: Jill Schoolman, Esther A. Armah, Marcia Lynx Qualey, Jehan Bseiso, Sean Jacobs

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Book Club Schedule

  • September 10: The Sweetest Fruits by Monique Truong

  • September 24: Serpents Under My Veil by Asiya Zahoor

  • October 8: A World Without Police by Geo Maher

  • November 5: A Girl is a Body of Water by Jennifer Makumbi

  • Oct 23: Radical Foundations! Annihilation of Caste by B.R Ambedkar

  • Nov 20: Radical Foundations! Woman at Point Zero by Nawal el Saadawi

Board of Directors

  • Esther Armah

    Esther Armah is Executive Director of The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice, a global institute across Ghana, the US and the UK, engaging storytelling as a strategy for structural change and implementing the visionary change agent framework, Emotional Justice.
  • jehanB

    Jehan Bseiso

    Jehan Bseiso is a poet, writer and humanitarian aid worker. She is the co-editor of Making Mirrors: Righting/Writing by and for Refugees and works on the production team of the Palestine Festival of Literature.
  • Jill Schoolman

    Jill Schoolman is the founder of Archipelago Books, a not-for-profit press devoted to publishing translations of classic and contemporary world literature since 2003.
  • M Lynx Qualey

    M Lynx Qualey is a writer, translator and the founding editor-in-chief of the ArabLit which is a translator-centered collective that produces the ArabLit Quarterly, ALQ Books, a website, and a limited book series focused on Arabic literatures.


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    Decolonize That 3: Fear, Fakery & Loathing in Journalism Today

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    Decolonize That 2: A/Symptomatic: Queer/Trans Pandemic Worldmaking

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    Decolonize That 1: In the Beginning, There was Black Feminism