Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o: Europe must decolonize itself

“The decolonizing of the mind is very, very important for Africa and the formerly colonized world. Even Europe needs to decolonize itself because the Europe and the West that we have is the Europe which grew out of slave trade and colonizing other people and so on.

Many European cities…say London, Paris, Lisbon…were made from profits made out of the African body, out of the enslaved African, from the labor of the African people. It is what built the modernity in many European cities. So modernity in Europe is rooted in African enslavement. The people of Europe have occupied more land than any other continent. Right? The Europeans are the ones who moved more into other continents more than any other people. If you compare that with the few immigrants from Africa or from Asia, they are miniscule by comparison.”