Decolonize That 1: In the Beginning, There was Black Feminism

Black Feminism and Decolonization

The first event of our series Decolonize That: 5 Interventions was streamed live on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Featuring Fania Noël & Yolande Bouka

What would decolonization look like if it were grounded in Black feminism? Two activist scholars trained in African and Caribbean feminisms dissect and decenter masculinist theories of decolonization.

Yolande Bouka is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University in Toronto. She works on gender, African politics and security, political violence, and field research ethics in conflict-affected societies. She is currently researching multi-sited historical and political analysis of female combatants in Southern Africa. And also has a book in progressed titled “In the Shadow of Prison: Power, Identity, and Transitional Justice in Post-Genocide Rwanda” Yolande was a Fulbright scholar in Namibia. She is a multi-local intellectual of Togolese heritage and equally Francophone and Anglophone. She has been vocal about decolonizing fields like International relations and also about insisting on feminist approaches in political science more widely.

Fania Noël is a Haitian-born, French Afrofeminist organizer, thinker, and writer. She is an experienced organizer in grassroots movements against racism, specifically anti-Blackness and Black feminism in France. In addition to being part of the MWASI – Collectif Afroféministe, she is the co-creator of the Decolonial Summer Camp, a five-day anti-racism training course in France. In 2014, she founded Revue AssiégéEs (Besieged), a political publishing project led by women, queer and trans people of color, she am the actual publication director. In 2019 her book “Afro-Communautaire: Appartenir à nous-mêmes (Afro-Community: To Belong to Ourselves) was published by Syllepse Edition( a radical French publishing house). The impetus of this small manifesto is an afro-revolutionary and anti-imperialist utopia for the political organization of Black people in France against racial politics and neoliberalism.