Decolonize That 5: If It Ain’t Broke, Dismantle It

MTL collective

The fifth and fine event of the Season 1 of our series, Decolonize That: 5 Interventions was streamed live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on October 30, 2020

What precisely can we do to build a path toward decolonial freedom? A discussion about engaging research, aesthetics, organizing, and action in collaboration to dismantle structural injustices in cultural institutions and develop resistant and decolonial practices.

Featuring the MTL Collective’s Nitasha Dhillon & Amin Husain

The MTL Collective is a collaborative initiative that joins research, aesthetics, organizing, and action in its practice. They are the facilitators of the Decolonize This Place movement. It is based in New York City and organizes around Indigenous rights, black liberation, Palestinian nationalism, de-gentrification, dismantling patriarchy and migrant wage-laborers. Their actions often take place at museums and cultural institutions and engage a decolonial analytic and practice.